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Hi, I'm Rudo Catlin, a results-driven, Caribbean personal and business financial consultant. My mission in life is to help everyday people just like you transform their financial reality for the better, as quickly as possible. Everyone's life is different - different age, different job, different goals, different size family, different background, different skills.


Yet, no matter what your "Life Profile" is, there are infinite opportunities available for your (financial) development and growth, both in terms of Financial Literacy (education) and Financial Growth (empowerment). I assess your unique "life attributes" and design a uniquely powerful RUDO PLAN for you and your family that not only reveals your financial development opportunities, but positions you to seize those opportunities with both hands.


Apart from the wholistic "RUDO PLAN" Financial Makeover Service, I can also provide very focused professional financial services as outlined below. Feel free to browse the services listed and Schedule an Appointment via the blue button above, should you wish to initiate contact and explore your options. 


To your financial success,




Rudo Catlin

Rudo Catlin




Life Happens! One day everything is fine and dandy, the next day, you can be in a life-threatening accident, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness.


While we don't wish any of these things on you and your family, it is imperative that you put things in place to provide for your family (spouse and kids), in the event that you pass away prematurely.


All life insurance is not created equally. I can help you understand what to look for in a policy and secure the best coverage.



There is a greater risk of being disabled from accident or illness than dying before the age of 65.

Pays for day to day expenses and any special needs assistance required.

Keep your savings and investments going




The home is usually the single largest financial undertaking of most families and cannot be easily replaced

Insure your home and contents against loss due to damage, theft or liability




Being without transportation can be downright frustrating. Let me help you understand what you are shopping for when you are buying auto insurance so that you can minimize downtime and get rolling without delay.




Planning for the future isn't a one-time event. It's an ever-evolving process that requires adjustments when your situation changes.



Retirement planning isn't just something that happens late in life. It's something you create now with the decisions you make every day. From determining your goals to choosing investments, you make financial decisions that may help enrich your life not only in retirement, but each step along the way.


Whether you're in your 20s and think you have all the time in the world to save for retirement or in your 50s and have discovered that you should have started planning for retirement in your 20s, I can help you identify your specific retirement goals and develop a plan and strategy that can help you achieve them.



My, How They've Grown! Seems like it was just yesterday that those two pairs of little feet were pitter pattering up and down the corridors... now they're all about borrowing the car and are soon ready for college.


Finding the cash in today's tough economic climate to fund college education for one or more kids, can be a major headache for the average middle income family.


I have the insights and experience to help you creatively finance all of your children's tertiary education without going broke.




Planning ones estate is a crucial part of one’s financial plan yet it is very frequently overlooked, delayed or just taken for granted. 


Because debt can be a big part of your financial picture, managing it can be just as important as managing your investments. 


Dad, the postman; bills for you! Many very conservative spenders can find themselves straining under the wait of escalating debt, whether credit cards, or student loans, or vehicle loans, when income diminishes.


If not managed correctly, debt can prevent you from reaching your personal financial development goals. Worse, it can put you in a state of mind that keeps you down.


Professional help can put you on a clear and direct path to short-term debt elimination, paving the way for real financial growth.




Owning a home is for most a dream come true. Getting the mortgage however can seem a bit overwheliming. Come and find out what you qualify for and make your dream a reality.