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Financial Soccer - Game On!

It's not the easiest thing in the world to get teens and younger children focused on financial literacy, ON TOP OF their schoolwork. Their reaction to the declaration that you want them to llearn how to be financially literate would probably be a stare of disbelief, followed by a reflex "You Serious???"

Fear not, your young charges aren't destined to end up on the streets begging for handouts. We've got your back! What teen or younger kid doesn't love video games? I'm pleased to tell you that Visa has produced a video game called "Financial Soccer", which your kids will be very keen to play, and which FORCES a financial literacy education upon them as an integral part of the mechanics of the "game".

Check out the promo video below to get a sense of how financial knowledge and fun are combined to put your young charges on a solid mental financial footing from early.

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