The personable and much loved Rudo Catlin

 - Family Man, Financial Advisor and all around

      good guy to know. Shown here with the love of   his life, wife, friend and #1 supporter, Shona.


Not Tomorrow"

- Rudo Catlin

Discover the man Rudo,

multifaceted, multitalented, competitive, willing to step out of his comfort zone and experience new things, committed husband and father, educator, encourager, advisor, speaker and more yet to be revealed...


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Rudo Catlin:

Husband, Father, Advisor, Giver


Rudo . O. Catlin, President, Ceo 



With over ten consecutive years of financial consultant experience, it’s no wonder that the birth of his new company “Stretching the Dollar” has come to fruition. To see a financially literate Barbados and eventually  the Caribbean is Rudo’s  direct passion and drive. His vision is to help as many people from all walks of life to achieve sustainable financial independence .


Rudo has spent the last 10 years at Sagicor life Inc., where he is currently a  Senior Financial Advisor and Platinum Producer, with

a recently achieved designation of LUTCF (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow). In 2018 he qualified aspirant to the Million Dollar Round table which is a global industry standard of the world's leading insurance and financial advisors.Prior to that in 2017 he was named 'Life Underwriter of the Year' in Barbados. During this time, he has helped almost 500 people in their financial planning needs.  His portfolio stretches from one-on-one consultancy to speaking at various schools, churches and business organizations. Additionally, he is also an invited guest of the past seven years, for interns at our very own Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  

With an ever expanding business Rudo has had no choice but to develop his own brand to help as many people as possible.
























Rudo is a firm believer in giving back to his community. From being a boy scout in primary school, to his current role as the President for his charity and alumni, the Old Harrisonian Society, he has stepped to the forefront of investing in the education of the youth of Barbados, his homeland.  Rudo is also Executive Director of the founding council of the  Kolij Empowerment Mentorship Program (K.E.M), which  focuses on the youth and the successful direction of their future.  While being an astute and  committed community man, Rudo remains well rounded in remembering to invest in himself.


As a buffer to his hectic financial duties, Rudo remains balanced being an avid division 1 basketball player, level 1 coach and recreational Salsa dancer. Aside from pleasing his clients and dancing away the potential stress of it all, there is nothing this family man enjoys more, than spending quality time with his wife Shona of 8 years and their two beautiful daughters Kayla and Kaia in their home 'Paradise Point' Christ Church, Barbados.


With a clear and ever present vision in mind to see a financially literate Barbados and  Caribbean, Rudo understands that he and his clients work very hard in sharing a common goal, which is that of having the financial means and stability in order to spend quality time with their loved ones and enjoying life to the fullest.  Rudo’s Motto is “TNT  -Today Not Tomorrow”.  In his view, all of us should plan our financial future Today not Tomorrow, for who knows what unexpected challenges tomorrow may bring?

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